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Trip Thomas Trip Thomas 33 I'm a man who has finally accepted adulthood… and it's scary. View Profile
Jade Spice Jade Spice 16 Originally the Asian Spice Girl, who left the band before they went huge. She likes rocket ships and…(cut off) View Profile
choosy floozy choosy floozy 14 She has low tolerance for the stupid boys she has encountered in the dating world, thus earning her …(cut off) View Profile
Peter Nincompoop Peter Nincompoop 8 He's smarter than he sounds… and has weird facial hair. View Profile
TedMosbyArchitect TedMosbyArchitect 8 I am the total hopeless romantic who wishes their life was a movie… but will settle for a hilariou…(cut off) View Profile
Zuul Hand Luke Zuul Hand Luke 6 He is taller than you. Except in cases where he is not. View Profile
kfrog kfrog 4 I ripped off this nickname from someone at my gym, who (as a joke that then stuck) ripped off my ori…(cut off) View Profile
Ready, set, jet Ready, set, jet 4 Working? Definitely.
Professional? Well…
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BadBerry BadBerry 4 This guy is a complainer. Always has been – Always will be. View Profile
City Chicky City Chicky 3 An urban overachiever, with a serious addiction to everything mint chocolate chip.

She always se…(cut off)

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bartlet4america bartlet4america 2 Yeah, I screwed you on that one. You got hosed. And not just you. A lot of my constituents. I put …(cut off) View Profile
Darkling Darkling 2 Reading other people's poetry sucks.
It sucks slightly less when it rhymes.

Aiming to be th…(cut off)

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