F U, credit card debt, FOR GOOD!

$0! ZERO! Zilch, nada, nothing!


The most exciting news ever…I did it. I did it! I even made it before the self-imposed Labor Day deadline and didn’t need September’s extra paycheck that popped into my account this morning. This was thanks in part to a super hefty mid-year bonus I got last Friday that I was not expecting AT ALL…which will make all the difference in the world in terms of replenishing the emergency fund (down to a measly $37, ouch), and more importantly, washing off so much stress associated with living paycheck to paycheck, watching my checking account balances hover underneath $200 sometimes…or even under $100 in some of those scarcer months.

But just because I am now credit card debt free does not mean that I’m about to blow it all off again. Because despite the “zero debt” image posted above, after the $13K+ of credit card debt, there is still the bigger gorilla of $95K in my student loans. If anything, I’m re-inspired to be even more diligent with the finances. Toward the end there, I was starting to slack off. Debt fatigue was setting in. I went over budget in a few categories, most notably spending nearly $700 (?!?!) in groceries in August. YOWCH. This month I’m going to limit myself to one grocery trip per week, and cap that at $125. $100 would be even better!

But before I get extra disciplined, I’m going to go a little easy on myself for the month of September. While I don’t plan to go totally crazy, I may gift Mr. Spice a new pair of prescription glasses, order some new contacts, get some new work pants, possibly take my car in for a check-up, and perhaps go to the dentist and get a hair cut for the first time since last November. You know, the things you neglect (yourself) when you are putting most of your money to debt!

I can’t wait until these big debt payments are done, and all the money I make is actually MINE. In the meantime…I decided to start my own personal finance blog elsewhere on the interwebs as the bigger battle against Sallie Mae begins. As much as blogging here has increased my accountability, it is just weird to be the only person left blogging on the ex-boyfriend’s “collaborative” blog. The adventure continues here:

The Great Bacon Payoff…bringing home the bacon to stomp down the student loans. 🙂

Thanks for reading this blog, whether it was only 2 of you or 2 gazillion of you–having to post up a monthly debt update went a long ways in helping me to hit zero. Now let’s say this all together kids. What does Project FUCCD stand for?



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